WIPO Proof

Safeguard your Intellectual Assets

You can protect your IP such as blogs, songs, videos, design, logo, computer codes, contracts, trade secrets, etc.

WIPO Proof

Worldwide Protection

Your work can be protected in more than 190 country where digital evidences are legally acceptable.

WIPO Proof

Trusted Digital evidence

WIPO Proof service can help you to get the evidence for your work through digital token timestamped with date.

WIPO Proof Count

Live WIPO Proof Count


Ongoing WIPO Proof


Total WIPO Proof

What do I get?

Get the WIPO proof of your Intellectual Property with specific timestamp and date, with your little cooperation and patience.


Our 3 step process is fast and easy.
Answer to the Questionnaire
We will file with WIPO
Get the Premium registration Certificate

Answer to the Questionnaire and give us the digital file of the work, then we will file with WIPO, and get the Registration of the same.

Registering the work with WIPO will give you better protection world-wide for the period of 5 years then you can renew it.

WIPO Proof Service Packages



Nature of Work

Audio visual work, textile design, computer codes, agreements.

Number of work

You can give one work under this pack.

What will I get?

WIPO Proof Token (only filing receipt)

Filing Period (3-4)

It will usually take 3-4 days to send the notice.



Nature of Work

Any work including Trade-secret and know-hows.

Number of work

You can give up to one work under this pack.

What will I get?

WIPO Premium Certificate (Along with Filing receipt and token)

Filing Period (2-4)

It will usually take 2-3 days to send the notice



Nature of Work

Any Work including confidential information like Patent.

Number of work

You can give up to one work under this pack

What will I get?

WIPO Premium Certificate (Along with Filing receipt and token)

Filing Period (12-36hrs)

It will usually take 12hr - 36 to send the notice


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WIPO Proof?

WIPO PROOF is a new digital service that provides a date and time-stamped digital fingerprint of any intellectual property file, proving its existence at a specific point in time. You automatically get the copyright once the work is being created, but in case of misappropriation, there is no evidence of your ownership. That evidence of the work can be obtained through WIPO Proof.

What are the advantages of getting WIPO Proof?

WIPO Proof helps in getting secured evidence to a particular work. It is acceptable worldwide. It prevents misuse and misappropriation of the original work. It adds value to the work.

What can get registered under WIPO proof?

WIPO Proof allows registering lyrics, scripts, musical compositions and agreements/contracts, audio-visual works to aid in resolving possible future disagreements around authorship.

What is WIPO Proof Token and the term of protection of the token?

WIPO Proof Token is a unique digital fingerprint of your intellectual asset. The token is valid for an infinity time period unless the original work has made any modifications. Tokens are valid indefinitely. WIPO PROOF stores them securely for 5 years (renewable on request), keeping them compliant with evolving encryption technologies.

How is WIPO Proof different from copyright registration?

WIPO Proof have the ability to prove the existence of creative work at the time of creation which is fundamental to safeguarding it from infringement. WIPO PROOF tokens can be used by the owner to prove that they were in possession of the original creative work before anyone else. While copyright registration will take time for the registration and meanwhile there is a chance of misappropriation of the work.

Is this protection valid worldwide?

The protection is valid worldwide as the development and launch of WIPO PROOF have been unanimously approved by WIPO’s by more than 190 member states during the 59th member’s assembly in October 2019.

Who all can get WIPO Proof?

WIPO PROOF provides features and packages to any kind of inventor or creator starting from the individual to the large corporation including, Law firms, IP practices and legal representatives can use the service on behalf of their clients, as a dedicated feature allows the declaration of different owners for each file, might they be individuals or companies.

What happens to WIPO token, if I modify the original file?

A WIPO PROOF token is a digital fingerprint of a specific digital file. The WIPO token will no longer be valid if the original digital file is modified in any way including the slightest formatting changes, even something as small as adding or a comma, it will of course be different from the original file for which the WIPO PROOF token was created. Therefore, the token will not match the modified file.

Does WIPO store my original file?

No, WIPO PROOF does not read or store the original file. It is not possible to read or recreate the original file, ensuring 100% confidentiality because a strong cryptographic hashing function process the digital document which ends with producing a hash value uniquely identifying that file. The hash value is then used to create the WIPO PROOF token.

Does WIPO PROOF supersedes global, national, or regional IP registration systems?

No, WIPO Proof does not supersedes global, national, or regional IP registration systems. It act as a protective measure for your Intellectual Property. It is basically a protection and not a registration. You can take the registration by simply applying them in various jurisdictions.

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