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The Temple City of India, Bhubaneswar hosts our Head Office

The office was set up in year 2013 with a vision to establish our roots in the domain of Intellectual Property Laws. The office marks our first bid to facilitate face to face interaction with the masses and we are happy that we have achieved more than what we had expected.

  • Operation Since : 2013
  • Location : Laxmi Sagar
  • Covid Compliances

Situated in the very heart of India’s Manchester, the city of Ahmedabad

our office has already made its mark since its establishment in year 2016. The office has been set up with a vision to make our services more approachable to the masses, especially in North and Western India.

  • Operation Since : 2016
  • Location : Titanium Heights
  • Covid Compliances

Our latest venture is in India’s garden city of Bengaluru.

The office has been opened with the vision of helping start-ups and our already existing clients in Bengaluru in their Intellectual Property related matters.

  • Operation Since : 2019
  • Location : HSR Layout
  • Covid Compliances

The gateway to the Seven Sister States of Eastern India and known for its awesome tea production

Guwahati hosts our branch office. The office was set up recently in year 2015 and has been catering to the needs of people in the North-Eastern part of India.

  • Operation Since : 2015
  • Location : Dighalipukhuri
  • Covid Compliances

Our latest venture in India is in Manchester of India, Mumbai.

We have been helping small and medium business entities in their Intellectual Property related matters in India and abroad since 2020.

  • Operation Since : 2020
  • Location : Tiffany Building
  • Covid Compliances

The land of opportunities USA holds one of our branch offices in Delaware.

Established in 2018, the office has been providing us with many opportunities and has been helping in fulfilling the needs of our international clients situated in and around USA.

  • Operation Since : 2018
  • Location : Delaware

After Brexit, with the aim of helping our existing clients and other business entities in UK.

we have extended our presence to UK. The whole idea is to again help our clients in smooth transition from EU Intellectual property laws to IP laws in UK.

  • Operation Since : 2021
  • Location : London

With our aim to help maximum business entities going global, we have expanded our services to Melbourne, Australia.

This has helped us in making sure that all our global clients are protected from any sort of Intellectual property infringement.

  • Operation Since : 2019
  • Location : Victoria

To mark our existence in Europe, we have opened a branch in Estonia.

the country with multiple capitals. This branch was opened in the year 2018 with a vision to help our clients in and around European union.

  • Operation Since : 2018
  • Location : Harju Maakond
IP Enforcement & Copyright
IP Management

Find out if your Trademark is available for registration and navigate smoothly through the registration process for your beloved trademark for your brilliant venture.

  • £75
  • £85
  • £25

Shield your brand against the villains of the commercial marketplace. Register your Trademark in any jurisdiction of your choice and proudly tell the masses about it.

  • £275
  • £425
  • £45

Keep an eye over the potential Trademark infringers who may want to steal your goodwill. Safeguard the value of your potential business by allowing us to Monitor your TM.

  • £300
  • £300
  • £200

Have any question related to Trade Mark? Get all your queries about trademark related issues resolved through one on one consultation with our experts. Feel free to contact us.

  • £25
  • £25
  • £10

Patentability Search, Freedom to operate Search, Prior Art Analysis, Patent Statistical Analysis are all covered under this head. Let us know about your requirement and get the job done.

  • £125
  • £175
  • £200

Drafting of Provisional, Non-Provisional Specifications and drawings in accordance with the laws of relevant jurisdiction is covered under this head. Fill up the questionnaire and let’s get started.

  • £500
  • £800
  • £175
  • £250

File a patent application without any fuss with our professional help in any country of your choice. The services cover both PCT as well as specific Nationwise Filings at USA, EU, China, Japan, India, etc.

  • £175
  • £175
  • £75
  • £100

Have any question related to Patents? Get all your queries about patent related issues answered through one on one consultation with our experts. Feel free to contact us for professional consultation.

  • £25

Are you apprehensive about your copyrighted work being reproduced unauthorizedly? Allow us to figure that out for you. Our experts will identify all the infringers and will suggest necessary course of action.

  • £50
  • £75
  • £125

Is your copyrighted work being copied & used unauthorizedly? Allow us to take it down. Our DMCA experts will team up with you to get the infringing content took down from the relevant forum once & for all.

  • £75
  • £100
  • £125

Protect your original literary or artistic work with any copyright office of the world via a proper registration. Our experts will collaborate with you to insulate your original work against future contingencies.

  • £200
  • £125

Is somebody making or importing your patented invention? Has somebody copied your trademark to deceive customers? Supplement your awareness with our expertise and enforce your IP Rights professionally.

  • £75
  • £100
  • £175
  • £125

Protecting IP assets entails time and money. Ensure that your efforts yield guaranteed results by conducting a thorough due diligence.


Get a competitive edge among your peers by identifying existing and potential infringements.


Valuation helps in finding the monetary value of your IP assets which can surge your company’s valuation too new levels.


Licensing your IPR will give you an opportunity to get good royalty over your IPRs which in turn will help you business in growing.


Professional, great communicators, great results. Would not hesitate to use firm’s services for trademark registration again. Thanks!


Founder Star Pack, Australia

Great work as always for Trademark Search from Lex Protector.


MD Gold Tiger Holdings, FL, USA

Lex Protector helped us file several trademarks and copyright. They were easy to reach, always available and were quick to understand the legal requirements of our business. Recommended!


CEO VitaminBestBuy, NY, USA

Hired them for Patent filing and Trade Mark. They were great to work with. Will be using them again.

Cornelius John Vanderkolk

CEO, Scilent Action, USA

I was very happy with their work, they successfully had links removed under the DMCA Takedown processes on several websites, it was very cost effective and stress free way to protect our brand.

Riel Roussopoulos

CMO, IXLD Media Inc, Canada

Lex Protector made this very easy for me, they took care of everything in a very professional way. Top notch service!

Javier Benia O’Neill

Director, QB Media, Uruguay

Not the first time we have worked with LexProtector and we continue to be very satisfied with the quality of work and support. Knowledge on international law is exceptional, this vendor keeps on top of us to ensure they are able to deliver within set deadlines and expectations, will continue to work with.

Janie Lee Brown

Operations Manager, Morgan McKinley, UAE

Lex Protector have experienced and professional attorneys. I was privileged to work with them on some items and will certainly work with Aurobinda in the future. I have met with him in person when in India and found him to be just as professional in person as he is thru Emails.

Andrew Benson

President and CEO, DJAB Networks, USA

Professional, great communicators, great results. Would not hesitate to use Lex Protector’s Services again. Thanks!

Matthew Hodge

Co-Founder, Star Pack Products, Australia


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