What is Prior Art Search?

A Patent Search is an analysis of inventions that are similar to yours. Such similar invention(s) forms a part of what is technically known as “prior art” or knowledge already persisting in the public domain about your invention. To be granted a patent by the Relevant Government Authority, the patent examiner must determine if your invention meets the patenting criteria of novelty, non-obvious and usefulness or not. The report enables you to get a wholesome knowledge about all prior art persisting in relation to your invention which assists you to take a reasonable decision before you file your application with the relevant authority. The prior art can be used by the authority’s examiner to access your application while processing the same. A preliminary assessment can be thus made as to whether Patent Office will consider your invention novel, non-obvious and useful or not. With the help of this research, you can also make changes in your invention to make it eligible for Patent to avoid any further chances of conflict.

Three Step Prior Art Search Service

  • Fill up the search questionnaire
  • Let us do the thorough search
  • Get the search report with opinion

Our Prior Art Search Services

Freedom to Operate Search

Get a Prior Art search conducted within the territory of United States to see if your product is infringing upon an existing granted or applied for a patent.

Freedom to Operate Search:


USA Prior Art Search

Get a prior art search conducted for both patents as well as non-patent literature all over the world to analyze the chances of a successful patent grant in any country of your choice.

USA Prior Art Search:


EU Patent Search

Get a EU Patent search conducted for both patents as well as non-patent literature all over the world to analyze the chances of a successful patent grant in EU.

EU Patent Search:


Prior Art Search Service

What all you get?
  • A plethora of search services to choose from
  • A written Prior Art Search report on firm’s official letterhead
  • Original records from Relevant Patent and Trademark Office
  • Legal Opinion within the Reports
  • Drawings and Keywords used in the search
  • Free skype consultation for further clarifications

FAQs on Prior Art Search

What is a Patent search?

A patent search which is also known as Novelty search is a search conducted to check whether a similar invention is already registered or published for registration as of yours. Patent search is conducted online or in database available at the registry of the Patents and Trademarks.

How is Patent search conducted?

Normally a patent search is conducted online using the available resources provided by the relevant trademark registry. The search can be either a general one or pertaining to specifications you want i.e. whether are you looking for an invention in the field of Utility patents, Design Patents or plant patents. The search is conducted by entering or deleting certain keyword i.e. selection of proper keywords. After conducting a thorough research, a search report is prepared. There are also databases available in the respective Patent and Trademark Registry. You can also go there and search the database manually.

What are the different types of patent search?

The types of patent search can be different in different countries, but there are four basic types of searches:
Patentability search
Freedom-to-operate search
Validity/Invalidity search
State of the Art Search
On what stage of the patent process you are conducting a search will decide which type of search is to be conducted.

When is Patent Search done?

Since there are different kinds of patent searches, the timing depends upon the status of your invention and your requirements. If you are still planning to apply for a patent, patent search will be done before making the application. If you want to check for infringement of your granted patent, a search will have to be done after the patent grant.

What are the advantages of Patent search?

Patent drafting and filing is a tough, time and money consuming process. Patent is only grated if the same invention is novel (new), useful and non-obvious. To have novelty, the invention must be new and should not be published anywhere in the world. Sometimes, there might be situations where you draft a patent application, devote your time and money and the same might get refused on the basis of invention not being novel (new) or the same being known to the person skilled in the art. That might create financial burden. Moreover, Patent search may find an opportunity to improve on existing technology “gaps”. Further, the Patent search can uncover the expired patents which are in public domain and therefore can be used without paying anyone a royalty. After doing a patent search, you might get an extremely narrow claim, and it might be in your best interest not to invest money in that invention.

What is a prior Art?

“Prior Art” is anything in public domain whether patented or not patented and based on which you can decide the novelty of your invention. Anything similar which is already before your invention can stop your patent from being granted.

Can an Individual (Inventor) or a company conduct Patent Search?

Normally, the search is conducted online but if not done properly, it can be of no use. Doing a legal search on databases requires skill, experience and expertise. It is an important process as it decides whether your invention is new, novel and whether can be patented or not. If done individually and without any proper guidance, it can prove to be time consuming process and may not provide useful information. Preparing the search report and deciding on the basis of same requires knowledge of that particular field. Thus, it is always recommended to consult an expert for the same.

How much time does it take?

Unlike trademark search, patent search can be time consuming. Patent search requires a detailed search of the inventions and its claims as an inventor needs to check both. Moreover, it is also not a territorial search and the invention needs to be searched globally which makes the process even lengthy.

Is Patent search mandatory?

No, patent search is not mandatory but it gives you the basic idea of all patented inventions or information regarding inventions which are in public domain. Those inventions which are in public domain or which are patented cannot be patented anymore. This is important to know in the initial stage of the patenting because getting a patent is tedious job. It is better to get an idea in the initial stage rather than realizing in middle of the process.

What can be the result and relevant steps?

You won’t get much options after conducting a search. There can be same/ similar patent either in the database or in public domain. If that is the case, an inventor has an option to either change the claims according to the “gap” available or opt for a new invention. While if the result shows 0 match, the inventor can continue with the patent and get it registered as soon as possible.

Advantages of Prio Art Search

Less objections

After you have filed a patent application, Patent Offices often raises an objection when there is already a similar patent existing in its records or when there is some issue with the subject matter of the invention which makes it ineligible for trademark registration. You can thus predict the chances and strength of objections, which ultimately increases chances of patent grand and reduces the chances of objection by the examining office.

Dodging Conflicts

If you are looking forward to importing a product from another country like China or India into your own country, it’s wise to get the freedom to operate search done. Having a thorough data of the competing products having granted patents over them saves you a lot of time and money. You can easily dodge potential patent infringement cases through our services.

Scope for Further Innovation

If upon completion of the search, it is found that the invention is already patented or applied for a patent the prior art search will provide you a platform from where you can explore the possibilities of further innovation. You can thus procure a patent over the improvement over existing prior art.

Why you choose us?

Undaunted Passion for the Discipline

The basic source of our team’s strength and commitment lies in our dedication towards the discipline. Almost all of our team members exclusively have specialized in the field of Intellectual Property Rights and are passionate to deliver their best in terms of services.

Young Team of Professionals

Our team comprises of a group of skilled and young professionals who are capable of handling several tasks in an impeccable manner. Our young team of professionals specializes in the discipline of Intellectual Property Rights and has been delivering time bound results without compromising with the quality of the work. Our ambitions are driven by the idea of success which we believe rests in our client’s level of satisfaction with our work.

Global Network of Clients

Our client base has no geographical boundaries. For the last three years, we have been working with clients based in the regions like North America, South America, Australia, Europe and several South Asian Nations. Our global reach established via international networking in such a short period of time is purely a result of high level commitment towards our work and client satisfaction which we have garnered through the quality of our work.

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Professional, great communicators, great results. Would not hesitate to use firm’s services for trademark registration again. Thanks!


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Lex Protector helped us file several trademarks and copyright. They were easy to reach, always available and were quick to understand the legal requirements of our business. Recommended!


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I was very happy with their work, they successfully had links removed under the DMCA Takedown processes on several websites, it was very cost effective and stress free way to protect our brand.

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Lex Protector made this very easy for me, they took care of everything in a very professional way. Top notch service!

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Not the first time we have worked with LexProtector and we continue to be very satisfied with the quality of work and support. Knowledge on international law is exceptional, this vendor keeps on top of us to ensure they are able to deliver within set deadlines and expectations, will continue to work with.

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Lex Protector have experienced and professional attorneys. I was privileged to work with them on some items and will certainly work with Aurobinda in the future. I have met with him in person when in India and found him to be just as professional in person as he is thru Emails.

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