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Frequently Asked Questions

The process which helps in getting comprehensive knowledge of the value and risk involved in a company’s IP assets.

Though IP due diligence can be conducted at any stage, it is recommended to get it done before you start your business. If you already have a business in place, you can get it conducted to do a risk analysis of the existing IP and to identify new IP your firm has created.

Due diligence helps you in enhancing the marketability of your product, helps you in maximizing the value of IP assets and saves you from unnecessary litigation etc.

IP due diligence is conducted by our experts, who have gained expertise in the field of IPRs.

A company’s whole IP portfolio is assessed and during this different steps are followed such as assessing the existing IPR including their validity, paying appropriate fees, performing FTO searches, investigating possible IP related litigation, etc.

It takes around 7-15 days to conduct a thorough IP Due diligence and prepare a report for the same.

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