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Canada Trademark Search

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You will be provided a written search report with tabular details of all relevant trademarks and a professional opinion drafted by our trademark experts.

Canada Trademark Search

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Search can be used to save your brand from possible trademark infringement and can also help to identify infringers so that you can take timely action against them.

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Canada Trademark Search

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A written search report on our firm’s official letterhead with details of all conflicting marks along with an expert opinion drafted by our professionals.


Our 3-step process is fast and easy.
Complete our simple, easy-to-understand questionnaire
We conduct your comprehensive trademark search
Your report is delivered to your Email ID

Just fill up the questionnaire, make payment and your search report will arrive within next 48 hours.

Trademark search not only helps in ascertaining chances of successful trademark registration, but also helps you to identify competitors operating in the same business segment as yours.

Canada Trademark Search Packages



Number of marks searched: One

Find similar trademarks for one mark in one class of goods and services.

Database used: Trademark Registry

Canada Trademark Registry is the only database used in this package.

Search Duration: 3-5 days

Get an easy to understand Search Report with details of similar marks within 3-5 business days.



Number of marks searched: Upto Two

The search is conducted for two marks in maximum two classes.

Database used: Trademark Registry and other online database

Access chances of receiving objections from other trademark holders within search report.

TM Search report : 2-3 days

This search report will give you thorough analysis of the results found in multiple database within 2-3 business days.



Number of marks searched: Upto Three

The search is conducted in multiple classes for up to three marks.

Database used: Trademark Registry, online database and Global IP database

Global IP Database is also used for search apart from registry and online sources.

TM Search report: Within 48 hours.

We will start the search immediately and you will get the search report within 48 business hours.


I’ve utilized Lex Protector’s services for US trademarks/EU Trademarks/UK Trademarks, US Design Patents, and other similar projects. They do a great job at an affordable rate. I’ll definitely be using them again.

Joseph T

Co-Founder, Star Pack Products, Australia

Great team ! Great cooperation. The notable thing is that what they commit they will deliver . I had a great difficulty with other TRADEMARK people and ultimately I found them and the Lex protector Bangalore team , especially shilpa’s coordination is commendable. All the best team and its founder Aurobindo Pandey for future successes n milestones .

Varun Uday

Co-Founder, Star Pack Products, Australia

I would highly recommend any person or company seeking patent protection to use this firm. The communication is incredible; they provide clear direction on what is required and what has transpired. They are genuinely concerned about the outcome and will work tirelessly as part of your team to strive for a successful outcome. Our patent was granted yesterday and it could not have happened without LexProtector. 100% satisfied. Now we have entrusted them to a second patent review, and will have more to follow.

David Jacobson

Co-Founder, Star Pack Products, Australia

They accomplished all I needed and were incredibly helpful and responsive. If someone wishes to register a trademark similar to mine, please use Lex Protector. You’ll not regret it.

Hyunjae Rhee

Co-Founder, Star Pack Products, Australia

I have worked with this firm to file account for their United Kindom entity at Companies House and HMRC. Good to work with and cooperative and a service provider of Tradeamark, Patents, Design registration services in UK and many countries around the work.

Tahir Shah

Co-Founder, Star Pack Products, Australia

My experience with Lex Protector was very good. I tasked them with a prior art search and they delivered a high quality report very fast. I will use their services again.

Marco Lolaico

Co-Founder, Star Pack Products, Australia

With your help, progress has been accelerated.
Also I would definitely recommend this place to anyone else who needs an expert in this field.
Thanks again, always be happy!

Jungmi Kim

Co-Founder, Star Pack Products, Australia

We have successfully been granted multiple patents and trademarks, thanks to Lex Protector! They are exceptional IP attorneys who are “worth their weight in gold”… and there is simply not enough stars to reflect the value they provide!

Dome Audio Inc.

Co-Founder, Star Pack Products, Australia

Team is highly efficient.
Things went very smooth in getting our trademarks registered.
Lex Protector is my go to company for all my trademark related legal querries not only for India but even for USA, Australia and other major countries.

Shalin Talajia

Co-Founder, Star Pack Products, Australia

The experience with Lex Protector was fantastic.
They accomplished all 3 trademarks I needed and were incredibly helpful and responsive and the work was dine very good time frame (not waited long). If someone wishes to register a trademark similar to mine, please use Lex Protector.

Biswajit Goswami

Co-Founder, Star Pack Products, Australia

Amazing experience. Very professional and resourceful . I have used them for all my trademarks in several countries namely: USA, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Australia and China. They have helped me several times in solving IP issues for my listings on amazon. Always available for quick questions over skype, anything they are not sure about they will be 100% transparent which is extremely important in Trademarks and IP.

Waleed Al Saleh

Co-Founder, Star Pack Products, Australia

I have been taking service from Lex Protector since few years now. Excellent advice on trademark area I.e. registration, maintain, advice. We have also received best advice and work on legal policy drafts, legal letters etc. I highly recommend them specially to Mr. Siddharth who is prompt in replying. Much appreciate.


Co-Founder, Star Pack Products, Australia

I have been using Lex Protector now for around 4 years to do all of my Patent filing and registrations and Trademark registrations in various countries. They have always been very thorough, professional and timely to deal with. They have always came through for me. I highly recommend that you use Lex Protector for any of your legal work you need completing, they will not let you down! 5 stars!

Allan Say

Co-Founder, Star Pack Products, Australia

My Experience With LEX PROTECTOR Was Very Good. I Contacted Siddharth Mathur Sir For My Company’s Trademark Related Work. He Solved All my query and douts very Promptly and Precisely.

Sardar Agro

Co-Founder, Star Pack Products, Australia

Processing is good with a lot of experience and quick communication. I will contact you again if there is anything else.

Yesol Baek

Co-Founder, Star Pack Products, Australia

Professional, great communicators, great results. Would not hesitate to use firm’s services for trademark registration again. Thanks!


Founder Star Pack, Australia

Great work as always for Trademark Search from Lex Protector.


MD Gold Tiger Holdings, FL, USA

Lex Protector helped us file several trademarks and copyright. They were easy to reach, always available and were quick to understand the legal requirements of our business. Recommended!


CEO VitaminBestBuy, NY, USA

Hired them for Patent filing and Trade Mark. They were great to work with. Will be using them again.

Cornelius John Vanderkolk

CEO, Scilent Action, USA

I was very happy with their work, they successfully had links removed under the DMCA Takedown processes on several websites, it was very cost effective and stress free way to protect our brand.

Riel Roussopoulos

CMO, IXLD Media Inc, Canada

Lex Protector made this very easy for me, they took care of everything in a very professional way. Top notch service!

Javier Benia O’Neill

Director, QB Media, Uruguay

Not the first time we have worked with LexProtector and we continue to be very satisfied with the quality of work and support. Knowledge on international law is exceptional, this vendor keeps on top of us to ensure they are able to deliver within set deadlines and expectations, will continue to work with.

Janie Lee Brown

Operations Manager, Morgan McKinley, UAE

Lex Protector have experienced and professional attorneys. I was privileged to work with them on some items and will certainly work with Aurobinda in the future. I have met with him in person when in India and found him to be just as professional in person as he is thru Emails.

Andrew Benson

President and CEO, DJAB Networks, USA

Professional, great communicators, great results. Would not hesitate to use Lex Protector’s Services again. Thanks!

Matthew Hodge

Co-Founder, Star Pack Products, Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Trademark Search?

Trademark search is the initial step in the process of trademark registration and always recommended. It is the process to see if a similar/identical mark has already been applied for or registered as yours. It is also done to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your mark and the likelihood of a successful registration.

Is Trademark Search important?

Yes, through Trademark Search only we can find out about the strength of the mark. Meaning it can be concluded that whether such mark will face any difficulty in getting registration or whether it will be a smooth, hassle free process. It will also help in decreasing the chances of any future litigation, by finding out whether your mark is infringing someone else mark or not, which in turn will save your money and time.

What is the suitable time to conduct Trademark Search?

A search before you start using your mark in commerce and prior to trademark application is suggested in order to try to establish whether the same or similar marks already exist, as it will save your time and money.

The search is conducted by whom?

We, at Lex Protector have a team of highly efficient legal professionals, who have gained expertise in the field of Intellectual Property Rights. Our efficient team conducts the search within brief time to deliver the best results to you.

How much time is needed to complete the search?

It takes two to three business days to complete a Trademark Search.

What are the information required to do the Search?

We need certain information from your end to go on with the search. As a reason of which we provide you with a questionnaire, which contains some very basic information regarding the mark and your business. In case if you find any difficulties in filling up those details or any information is missing, we may contact you with your given mail ID or contact number for the details. Basically the name of the mark, type of goods/service for which you are using it in commerce and the first date of use of your mark are the primary requirement.

If the search result is clear, can I start using the mark without registration?

You might go on and use the mark, but we will not advise that. The reason behind this is, at the time of the search there might not be any similar mark, but later on any mark similar to yours may come and register themselves. At that time if you do not have a registration, you have to prove that you are the honest concurrent prior user which is quite difficult to prove. On the other hand if you have a registration, your registration will be considered as the conclusive proof of your ownership over the mark. So, if the search result is clear we advise you to start with the registration procedure at once.

Does Trademark Search help in getting registration?

The Trademark search discloses marks which are identical or confusingly similar, to your mark. So, in the future if any objection is raised by the registry we know how to deal with it. Which in turn expedites the registration procedure.

If a similar mark is found, what can be done next?

If any similar mark to that of yours is found, we will suggest you to make some changes to the existing mark or come up with a new mark. For the amended or the new mark we will conduct an independent Trademark search and guide you.

What are the outcomes of not opting for Trademark Search?

If you continue to use the mark or file an application without first conducting a Trademark Search, you may be infringing on someone else mark. If that is the case and the individual files an infringement action against you, you will be barred from using the mark, which will harm your reputation and goodwill in the market. We strongly advise conducting a Trademark Search for the reasons stated above.

If the Trademark Search shows no similar mark, is it possible that in future there will be objection against the mark?

Yes, at the time of conducting the search it is possible that there are some unregistered marks which are not present in any of the database at the time of search. Which at a later point of time might come forward claiming their ownership over the mark.

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